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The Get Answers Widget is a great way to provide access to your knowledge base without taking your users away from the page they are on.  In its simplest form, the Get Answers widget opens an inline window to display the KB search page and top 5 items in your knowledge base.  Users can quickly find answers (sometimes without even having to do a search!) and suggested answers display to help as they type in their search terms.  Beyond Widgets, If you have not done so already, check out your many options for integrating Fuze into your Web sites.

Widgets are easy to create with our simple administrative tools. If your user ID has the required access rights, you'll see Widgets available from the Admin tab.

Widgets are designed to handle many different access methods, too. Widgets can be triggered from a button, image, tab, link, etc. They can display differently based on the configurations you set on the Admin > Widgets page.  See the many different variations of widgets below.

Once you have created a Get Answers widget, you'll click a button to generate the widget code. This code is then copied/pasted for easy installation on any web page. You can even make many basic modifications to the widget on the Admin page without having to update the base code.

The Get Answers widget utilizes responsive design techniques, allowing it to dynamically scale to the size of the device or iframe in a web page displaying the widget.  However, for the widget to be responsive in support of phones, the widget must be placed on a page that also utilizes responsive design.  Since this page does not utilize responsive design techniques, the examples provided here are not responsive for phones.  Here is an example of the widget on a page utilizing responsive design showing how the widget resizes within the page.  

Another thing worth pointing out about the Get Answers widget is that it can be run outside of the customary widget "box", which provides some interesting options in support of very small iframes on your Web pages or when used to support users accessing the widget using your cell phone.  Check out online help for more on this (requires userid and password in online help).  

Access to Get Answers Widget:

Your users can access the widget by clicking a button, image, tab, link or any element that uses an "onclick" method like a div or button. This can be added into any HTML page and creates a cohesive method for your users to get help.

Beyond just a simple widget that displays the search page and top 5 items in your knowledge base, widgets can do much more!

Does your web site have a site search?
Looking for a way to extend your knowledge base content along with a site specific search? Have a look at this example of how integrating the Fuze Suite search results with general site search results shows users where their search terms can be found as well as specific answers to questions they may have about their search terms.

Want to give specific help based on the web page a user is viewing?
It is good to preselect a topic so that web site visitors see content relevant to the page they're on.  You can even use a lockdown to restrict users to only viewing content in a specific topic.

Have a KB search box on your website?
Looking for a way to let users enter search terms and get to answers fast? You can easily pop a widget when users hit GO and the search results will be shown.  While it's easy to dynamically pass in search terms and tags to provide contextual access to relevant content at the point they invoke the widget, this method is not advised since it actually compromises the effectiveness of the widget in quickly getting people to answers. If interested, be sure to ask us why.

Example widgets:

Click to view some of the many variations a widget can take to best meet your needs

  • 1. Simple Widget with the topics never exposed

    To simplify the widget even more, the "Ask a Question" button only displays after search.

  • 2. Simple widget with the topics displayed after user hits go.

  • 3. Widget Displaying a Specific KB Article

    Use this widget to display the contents of a single KB item. Simple and easy to edit! Great to use for things like "Specials" or "Notifications"

  • 4. Widget Displaying Notifications and Topics Immediately Available

  • 5. Widget with Topic Pre-selected, but topics are closed

  • 6. Widget with a Topic Lockdown and Topics available, but closed.

  • 7. Widget with Knowledge Base and Community Answers

    Extend your Knowledge Base and Community Answer with the widget so that users can have access to questions in Community Answers and curated answers in the Knowledge Base.

  • 8. Widget with a Topic Specific Cover page (off site)

    This widget has a cover page that is Calculators topic specific and the widget is also locked within that topic structure to ensure the user is able only has access to that specific information.

  • 9. Widget with General Cover page

    This method is a great way to ease users into the knowledge base. Consider it like a simple FAQ page with the option to contact or run a search.